Determination of Bacterial Endotoxin Content

In the context of the health support of the Nursing Units, we would like to inform you that our laboratories can support a complete check of microbiological and chemical analysis of the water supply of the Hemodialysis Units.

Taking into account the European standards and the relevant instructions of the Ministry of Health and being fully aware of the potential danger to the life of patients due to water circulation in the dialysis units that do not meet the relevant standards, we are able to ensure not only their precision and reliability of the analysis performed, but also to confirm in the laboratory the presence or not of the minimum required limit for each chemical substance in the water.

Special mention should be made of the endotoxins in the dialysis water, which our laboratories can detect at the minimum required concentration.

It should be noted that in the field of detection of endotoxins in the water supply of dialysis units, our laboratories are pioneers in the field of private diagnostic laboratories and beyond.

According to the European Pharmacopoeia, acceptable values for endotoxins in dialysis water are <0.25 IU / ml, while living microorganisms should not exceed 100 cfu / ml (<100 cfu / ml).

The above checks are recommended to be performed at least once a month (EDTNA / ERCA Guidelines 3.1 September 2001).