Pharma Τesting

The company expanded the scope of its services to the Pharmaceutical sector, obtaining a Testing Ability License and a GMP certificate from the National Medicines Organization, for testing on proprietary pharmaceutical product for human and veterinary use.

The company also has a License to Conduct Tests on Cosmetic products and Nutritional Supplements from the National Medicines Agency.

We perform the appropriate tests for:

  • Method Development-verification and validation
  • Product Stability Testing without storage
  • Packaging Testing
  • Pharmaceutical Release Testing and Batch Release according to EU GMP Annex 16
  • Nitrosamine Impurities Testing and Analysis
  • Raw material and excipients testing according to pharmacopoeia: EP
  • Water tests according to corresponding monographs

The company can also conduct the following tests:

  • Residual solvents determination
  • Trace analysis of heavy metals
  • Cleaning validation
  • Microbiological testing of non-sterile products
  • Testing of narcotics, in particular cannabis flowers according to the monograph (available shortly)
  • Endotoxins Chromogenic, Turbidimetric & Gel Clot methods