Olives & Oils

Safety and quality are intertwined concepts. In products such as Olives and Olive Oil, which are of high nutritional and commercial value, they must be ensured to the maximum.

Our laboratories are accredited by the National Accreditation System according to the ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard (Certificate of Accreditation No. 102) and have been recognized by the IOC-International Olive Council, as an approved laboratory for olive oil analyses. 

We perform analyses for: 

  • Pesticide residues 
  • Plasticizers in Fats / Oils 
  • Determination of Fatty Acids 
  • Acidity 
  • Peroxides 
  • K232, K268 and ΔK 

As from 28.02.2022, our company has been licensed by the G.C.S.L., as the only Experimental Unit in Greece that has been organized and operates according to the Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (G.L.P.), to perform residue and pollutant determination studies (analytical part). 

Eurofins Athens Analytical Laboratories is approved by the certification body Quality Scheme for food – QS for analyses of plant protection substances in fruits & vegetables and participate in the European Fruitmonitoring Program.