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Athens Analysis Laboratories is pleased to announce that as of 15.06.2022, the company has become part of the Eurofins Scientific Group.

With more than 900 laboratories in over 55 countries, Eurofins Scientific is an international leader in providing laboratory testing and extensive services to the pharmaceutical, food, environmental, agroscience and consumer goods industries.

By joining the Eurofins network, we strengthen our position as a leading provider of food, water, environmental testing and pharmaceutical and cosmetic testing services in Greece.

With its network of state-of-the-art laboratories operating throughout Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and Africa, Eurofins Food Testing offers an unmatched range of services.

Supported by Eurofins Food Testing and benefiting from a wider scope of services and greater geographic coverage, Athens Analysis Laboratories will continue to provide highest quality services. All our valued clients can continue to rely on us as a partner of Eurofins group.

Mate Szombathelyi, Managing Director Eurofins Food Testing, commented, “We are pleased to welcome on board Athens Analysis Laboratories  team. This acquisition will expand our capabilities in Greece and will even further strengthen our expertise in the field of Food Testing, adding highly recognised professionals and scientists to our network.”

Manolis Velonakis, MD, PhD of Ergastiria, declare, “We very much appreciate being a part of Eurofins, and we look forward to fruitful cooperation and the exchange of great expertise between us and the valuable worldwide testing institutes that are part of Eurofins.”

The company will continue to operate under the name EUROFINS ATHENS ANALYSIS LABORATORIES.

Our Services

Food Analysis

Food Analysis

Water is not a commercial product, but rather a heritage which must be protected, defended, and treated as such.
Water Control

Water Control

Water is not a commercial product, but rather a heritage which must be protected, defended, and treated as such.
Sewage Control

Sewage Control

We apply a thorough check to municipal wastewater and industrial waste to ensure the maintenance of sanitation regulations.
Radioactive Substances in Water

Radioactive Substances in Water

Our Laboratories are Accredited by the ESYD and authorized by the GAEC for radioactivity tests in drinking water.
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The Company

The Analytical Laboratories of Athens have been active since 1988, providing independent, reliable and impartial services in the fields of Food, Water, Environment, etc., and are located in a state-of-the-art autonomous EU-GMP building complex of 2,000 sq.m. which meets the most modern requirements of laboratory facilities and has two distinct departments, chemical and microbiological department, that are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments enabling the provision of specialized analyzes and studies.

The accreditation of the Analytical Laboratories of Athens was done for the first time in 2002, by the National Accreditation System (ESYD), according to the standard ELOT EN ISO / IEC 17025 and ever since then, the field of accreditation is constantly expanding by covering a variety of study analyzes.

The Analytical Laboratories of Athens expanded to the fields of Medicine, Cosmetics and Nutritional Supplements, obtaining the respective Licenses of the National Medicine Agency (EOF), providing analysis services, studies, and consulting services to the industries of the above sectors.

More Services


It is a type of pneumonia that results in death of about 13% of people who will be infected with the Legionella bacteria

Bacterial endotoxins

We support the complete check of microbiological and chemical analyzes of the water of the Hemodialysis Units.

Toxic Water Substances

Our Laboratories are also accredited (No. Accreditation Certificate 102) for the chemical analysis of water and food samples.

Swimming Tanks

The goal of a swimming pool is to give you leisure, safe use and health for many, many years.

Corporate social responsibility

With the required time distance and respect from the tragic flood and the lost lives of our fellow human beings in the Municipality of Mandra – Eidyllia, we would like to inform you about the following.

Accreditations and Certificates

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